Ritrovarsi insieme è un inizio,
restare insieme è un
ma riuscire a lavorare insieme è un

(Henry Ford)

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Research & Development

La sfida personale e professionale nel ricercare sempre nuovi metodi per migliorare quello che oggi conosciamo.

research & development

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Rilo Digital Planning invests about 15% of its resources every year in the research and development sector, in order to study new systems and new methodologies capable of making use of the most advanced digital tools in the real estate context. The topics range from the principles of analytical and statistical computation to data processing in BIM models, up to the installation of sensors connected with monitoring and dynamic regulation systems, aimed at the development of custom solutions for real estate management such as to guarantee a reduction in consumption and large-scale process automation.

Artificial intelligence

Data analysis for process-aware machines

blockchain e iot

Information and data in the world connected to the internet

virtual reality

Simulated reality for reliable viewing and remote accessibility


To ensure maximum functionality and maintainability


Sharing and participation in the most important events in the sector


Research and publication of the concepts developed in the main scientific channels


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The development of smart cities

AUTORI: D. Di Ciaccio, C. Galimberti, A. Di Ciaccio, E. Maroder The development of smart cities: analysis of the interactions among the economic, sustainability and resilience components in the new technological framework Technology is shaping cities, proportionally to the ability …

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AI applications in the building process

AUTORI: Damiano Di Ciaccio, Edoardo Maroder, Sara Ambrosio, Agostino Di Ciaccio AI Applications in the Building Process The study on the functioning of HVAC systems and hydraulic circuits in buildings has highlighted the energy limits of a static management of …

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Dynamo visual programming – BIM and LEED

AUTORI: Edoardo Maroder & Damiano Di Ciaccio Dynamo visual programming – BIM and LEED: implementing design data to streamline the process INTRODUCTION The need to manage the complexity and the whole aspects of sustainability of buildings, requires from designers (and …

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Dynamo and Antifire Module

AUTORI: Edoardo Maroder & Damiano Di Ciaccio Dynamo and Antifire Module Starting from previous result (“Dynamo and antifire design in Revit model”) we keep on analyzing the antifire check. One of the necessary step in antifire design is to detect …

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